Thursday, January 19, 2012

I do the most weirdest things!!!?

STAR if you relate to more then 5 of these??

I always check behind the shower curtain for a murder...

I always sprint up the stairs feeling like someone is chasing me...

When ever i hang my leg over the bed, i feel like something will eat it...

When i was little i connected markers together the make a sword...

Saying the entire alphabet, cause you don't know which letter comes after....

When i was little i hid in the circular clothing racks while shopping with my mom...

I will close my eyes for 2 minutes... and its been 2 hours...

Gwen Stefani tought me how to spell bananas...

I use proper english when texting...

If the world ends in 2012, i spent all my time in school...

No one would of cares if kanye west interruppted miley cyrus...

once i turn out the lights in my basement, I run the F**k outta there...

When i get in trouble, i can't help but laugh even if it wasn't me who did it...

Feels like Kidz Bop ruins every song!!!

Day dreaming in class, and finding out your awkwardly staring a someone...

I like being called beautiful then hot or sexy...

I remeber back in those days... Crocs where the bomb!!!

Back in those days.... Green Day was the best band ever!!!

When i was little... if i didn't get to go park/ pool, my life was ruined...


Knew every dance step to the macerena (sorry don't know how to spell it)...

To own a cd player, that was the most coolest thing ever...

Being in love with blue's clues, i never knew that Blue was a girl?I do the most weirdest things!!!?
i can relate to these ones..

When i was little i connected markers together the make a sword...

Saying the entire alphabet, cause you don't know which letter comes after....

Gwen Stefani tought me how to spell bananas... -%26gt; well this one is quite catchy.. i still sing it now.. lol

I use proper english when texting...

Knew every dance step to the macerena (sorry don't know how to spell it)...

Being in love with blue's clues, i never knew that Blue was a girl?..--%26gt; really ?? shut up??
OMG!!!!i am just like u i didnt even kno dat blue was a gurl pretty wierd rite and da pink 1 is da boy rite?and i cant even go 2 sleep on christmas eve and im 13!!!!but no matter how old we get we still have a inner child and always willl have fearsI do the most weirdest things!!!?
everything but greenday being the "best band ever" xD
All from facebook.I do the most weirdest things!!!?
LMFAO 13 i could relate to 13!!!

Kids' CD suggestions for the pop-culture impaired?

I am going shopping for birthday gifts for a boy and girl, turning 9 and 10 years old. They both said they want CDs. The 9-yr. boy likes Naked Brothers Band and the 10-yr. girl likes Avril Lavigne, but they already have all their CDS.

I don't know squat about what's 'hot' these days; I need suggestions for some artists in the same genre as Avril and N.B.B. that are appropriate for their age groups.

P.S.- Both kids told me that Kidz Bop "is NOT cool", just so everyone knows...Kids' CD suggestions for the pop-culture impaired?
How about the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana?

*Edit - HA...I just saw everyone elses answers and realized mines not very original. LOL

*Edit@ - Boys listen to Jonas Brothers and girls will listen to both. Girls will also listen High Scool Musical Soundtrack (I think someone already mentioned that one too.)
Hannah Montana/Mylie Cyrus, Sean Kingston maybe - it's hip-hop/reggae with no bad words, maybe get a mix cd like the Grammy nominees or one put out by MTV... Good luck!Kids' CD suggestions for the pop-culture impaired?
Maybe Taylor Swift for the girl. She's a really popular country/pop singer.
You could try Radio Disney Jams 10. It features Naked Brothers Band, Hannah Montana, Emily Osmet (from Hannah Montana show), Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) etc.Kids' CD suggestions for the pop-culture impaired?
yeah kidz bop is definately not cool lol

Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana is all the rage right now. Or the Jonas Brothers.
Paramore for both.
You can always go for Hanna Montana cd for the girl

or High School Musical??

Poll How many of yous think that this is a very inspirational story?

10 points to the preson who can tell my the name of it,and who wrote it?

I spent the week before my daughter's June wedding running last-minute trips to the caterer, florist, tuxedo shop, and the church about forty miles away. As happy as I was that Patsy was marrying a good Christian young man, I felt laden with responsibilities as I watched my budget dwindle . . . so many details, so many bills, and so little time. My son Jack was away at college, but he said he would be there to walk his younger sister down the aisle, taking the place of his dad who had died a few years before. He teased Patsy, saying he'd wanted to give her away since she was about three years old!

To save money, I gathered blossoms from several friends who had large magnolia trees. Their luscious, creamy-white blooms and slick green leaves would make beautiful arrangements against the rich dark wood inside the church.

After the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, we banked the podium area and choir loft with magnolias. As we left just before midnight, I felt tired but satisfied this would be the best wedding any bride had ever had! The music, the ceremony, the reception - and especially the flowers - would be remembered for years.

The big day arrived - the busiest day of my life - and while her brides maids helped Patsy to dress, her fianc茅e Tim, walked with me to the sanctuary to do a final check. When we opened the door and felt a rush of hot air, I almost fainted; and then I saw them - all the beautiful white flowers were black. Funeral black. An electrical storm during the night had knocked out the air conditioning system, and on that hot summer day, the flowers had wilted and died.

I panicked, knowing I didn't have time to drive back to our hometown, gather more flowers, and return in time for the wedding. Tim turned to me. "Edna, can you get more flowers? I'll throw away these dead ones and put fresh flowers in these arrangements."

I mumbled, "Sure," as he be-bopped down the hall to put on his cuff links. Alone in the large sanctuary, I looked up at the dark wooden beams in the arched ceiling. "Lord," I prayed, "please help me. I don't know anyone in this town. Help me find someone willing to give me flowers - in a hurry!"

I scurried out praying for four things: the blessing of white magnolias, courage to find them in an unfamiliar yard, safety from any dog that may bite my leg, and a nice person who would not get out a shotgun when I asked to cut his tree to shreds. As I left the church, I saw magnolia trees in the distance. I approached a house . . . no dog in sight. I knocked on the door and an older man answered. So far so good . . . no shotgun. When I stated my plea the man beamed, "I'd be happy to!" He climbed a stepladder and cut large boughs and handed them down to me.

Minutes later, as I lifted the last armload into my car trunk, I said, "Sir, you've made the mother of a bride happy today."

"No, Ma'am," he said. "You don't understand what's happening here."

"What?" I asked.

"You see, my wife of sixty-seven years died on Monday. On Tuesday I received friends at the funeral home, and on Wednesday . . He paused. I saw tears welling up in his eyes. "On Wednesday I buried her." He looked away. "On Thursday most of my out-of-town relatives went back home, and on Friday - yesterday - my children left.

I nodded.

"This morning," he continued, "I was sitting in my den crying out loud. I miss her so much. For the last sixteen years, as her health got worse, she needed me. But now nobody needs me. This morning I cried, 'Who needs an eighty-six-year-old wore-out man? Nobody! 'I began to cry louder. 'Nobody needs me!' About that time, you knocked, and said, "Sir, I need you."

I stood with my mouth open.

He asked, "Are you an angel? The way the light shone around your head into my dark living room . ."

I assured him I was no angel.

He smiled. "Do you know what I was thinking when I handed you those magnolias?"


"I decided I'm needed. My flowers are needed. Why, I might have a flower ministry! I could give them to everyone! Some caskets at the funeral home have no flowers. People need flowers at times like that and I have lots of them. They're all over the backyard. I can give them to hospitals, churches - all sorts of places. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to serve the Lord until the day He calls me home!"

I drove back to the church, filled with wonder. On Patsy's wedding day, if anyone had asked me to encourage someone who was hurting, I would have said, "Forget it! It's my only daughter's wedding, for goodness' sake! There is no way I can minister to anyone today." But God found a way. Through dead flowers.

"Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is.

The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."Poll How many of yous think that this is a very inspirational story?
Magnolias by Edna Ellison.Poll How many of yous think that this is a very inspirational story?
christ always provieds when you keep your faithPoll How many of yous think that this is a very inspirational story?
It was a good story, I guess.... lol

nothing great though :P
I am sure it is inspirational to some people.

But why do people like you never write a story that has a very sad ending, like in real life? A story in which the wedding is ruined because the bride is killed in a traffic accident? You see, that sort of thing actually happens. Sort of a horribly ironic evil miracle. Being tripped up on the home stretch, so to speak.

But for some reason, you never, ever write about those things to demonstrate what kind of god you worship.

Why is that?

Do you think this is a good present for my boyfriend?

So, I am having a horrible time coming up with gift ideas for my boyfriend. We are both super random, and love doing things like blowing bubbles, or playing hopscotch.. Just random stuff that never gets old :) Im 15, and he's 17. We will have been dating for 2 months by Christmas, but we've been best friends since March.

So, my question is, do you think these are good ideas? Or should I get him something else? Would you like these if your girlfriend got them for you?

Please keep in mind that most of this stuff is from Dollar Tree, or Walmart :) Thanks!

First, I'm going to get him a big basket of some sort (picnic basket?) to put all of this stuff in. Then, I have...

Silly String

a Slinky

Silly Putty


Plastic Bubbles (Already Bought)


Propeller Hat (Already Bought)

Peanut eraser (Already Bought :P)

Regular Bubbles

Paddle Ball

Ninja Band aids

Possibly a Mr. Potato Head

Possibly Bop-it ?

Magic top-hat :)

So, yeah. What do you think? Is that too much? Too little? It'll probably all cost about $30 together.

Thanks! He doesn't like video games at all... He surfs and plays banjo :P

And no gift cards. He hates shopping. And he has all the CDs he could ever want (library).

Thanks!Do you think this is a good present for my boyfriend?
Ninja Band aids

-Yeah, those are pretty epic(: %26lt;3 I want some!

Possibly Bop-it ?

- I love mine!

Yeahh, I think it's a great idea actually, it's super cute... (: And I'd wait on the silly string...

Like have a war, by you bottles then buy him one so you can have a fight(: So much fun... :D
you DO realize that this stuff is just going to end up sitting around in a corner of his room when you two break up..get him something he'll actually use or want..not a slinky. what is a seventeen year old going to do with a slinky in his free time..?Do you think this is a good present for my boyfriend?
You ask this at least twice daily. Please stop! If your boyfriend is into this kind of thing, then it's a good present. Honestly, I would never by my boyfriend anything like this unless he was 10 years old, but everyone's different.
You've asked this twice, yes it is a good present as long as everything means something.Do you think this is a good present for my boyfriend?
That seems great. The fact that you guys are super random is awesome. He should like it. It's cool that you're not getting him the typical stuff.
that sounds really cute, i think he'll like it
dang you're getting him alot of stuff.

He's going to like it.

Are these graphics cards compatible with my computer?

I have a HP p6540 (specs located at this link;landing=outlet%26amp;category=desktop%26amp;lanAttr=column2%26amp;product_code=EPP_00_WW641AA%23ABA%26amp;catLevel=2) and am deciding between these 4 graphics cards (Specs at this link:;N=100007709%204018%20600030349%26amp;IsNodeId=1%26amp;bop=And%26amp;CompareItemList=48|14-102-909^14-102-909-TS,14-131-358^14-131-358-TS,14-161-349^14-161-349-TS,14-121-367^14-121-367-TS)

But i need conformation on the compatibility, which I am fairly sure of, just looking for conformation. Easy 10 points for good answerAre these graphics cards compatible with my computer?
What makes you fairly sure that its compatible? From the images of the motherboard, it seems you motherboard doesn't have any PCI 2.0 Slots. And by the information, depending on if it has integrated ATI pr Nvidia Graphics, it doesn't support Hybrid SLI or Crossfire(Hybrid is when you have integrated paired up with a dedicated card.)

If you wanted to use any of those Video Cards you'd have to change, your motherboard, possibly your ram( it doesn't tell me what type it is ), and power supply. The price for all of that will be well over $300. And those video cards that you chose, some of them you're paying too much for.

Graphics Cards


GTS 450鈥?/a>

GTX 460 768mb鈥?/a>

GTX 460 1GB鈥?/a>

GTX 470鈥?/a>


5770 - The GIGABYTE brand 5770 owns.鈥?/a>


5850 - These are the more affordable ones.鈥?/a>

6850 %26amp; 6870鈥?/a>

Do you need anymore help looking for the components you will need to replace? Send me a message and I'll help you out.Are these graphics cards compatible with my computer?
No, I would suggest to buy XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770 1 GB DDR5 2DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card

The XFX HD5770 is ready to elevate your gaming and multimedia experience to a whole new level. Armed with 1GB of DDR5 graphics memory and the latest GPU technology, the HD5770 is what you need.鈥?/a>
  • walkie talkie
  • Caring for my bearded dragons, am I doing ok?

    I bought 2 bearded dragons about 2 months ago, they have grown fast and are currently 12 inches long from head to tail end and weigh 100 grammes each. I have an exo terra tank which was the biggest the pet shop had and very expensive, it is 90cm wide x 45 depth x60cm height. I have used play sand as a substrate even though the pet shop gave me wood chip, I have in the tank a few logs, vine, a couple of rocks and fake plants, a medium water dish that the beardies sometimes sit in, and food dish.

    I give them washed dandelion leaves/kale/other greens daily and black crickets (lots) daily.

    I use a uva light that goes right across the tank, a heat mat covering half the tank and a basking light. I turn the basking light off at night and back on in the morning.

    They seem very healthy and active but my question is am I doing things right?

    I am worried I may be doing something wrong as lots of websites tell me different things such as don't keep them together, don't use sand etc etc.

    Can anyone give me advice or tips, I love my dragons and really want them to be fit and healthy.

    Also the last few days one dragon has been head bopping and one has been arm waving, although I can't tell for certain if they are male or female. One which I think is male, his beard has darkened and he has tried pinning the other by the back of it's neck, the other which i'm not sure about the sex, is a lot lighter in colour going a yellowish colour when warm. Please any advice welcome

    Thanks in advance x xCaring for my bearded dragons, am I doing ok?
    I have read your post several times now and all in all you are doing fine. The main problem is is that you have them together. Beardies don't need friends and only come together to mate. It sounds like you have a male and female by the actions of the black beard on him and him trying to breed with her, waving by her is she is submitting to him.

    Play sand is ok after they are a year old but I would not be using it for under that although their size makes it sound to me that they might be around 6 months also with him wanting to mate. They are far too young to mate and are you ready for incubating eggs for 70 days as well as getting new tanks and light set ups for the babies and finding them homes. Plus it is not good on the health of the female at all. She should be around 15 months old and weight much more than you said. In my opinion you are asking for trouble. Just think about a 13 year old gal giving birth.

    I have 5 and each is in their own tank. Three are in 55 gallon and the other 2 are in 75 gallon tanks. They need much more floor room than climbing areas.

    They need their own basking areas and hides and I don't think you can do that in the size that you have.

    Are them temps 100-110 degrees in that area Seriously I would get them separated now if its not too late already. Even if she has mated with him she still needs her own tank and to be away from him as he will continue to mate with her and thus you have a big stress factor there.

    If I can ever help, just email me, its open

    As far as your feeding goes it sounds good. Young dragons need to have as many crickets as they can eat twice a day for a 10-15 minute time frame. Please don't cut them back to just a few a day. The first year they need 80% protein to 20% salad mix and after a year that reverses to the oppositeCaring for my bearded dragons, am I doing ok?
    you are doing fine. i have a male beardie who is 3 years old now. although you may be feeding them a little too many crickets... feed them only about 4 (2 for each) and go to every other day. especially as their beards start to appear. and do not worry, the head bopping and such is a meathod of communication between the two. mating actions will not begin until they are fully mature. (1 year old)

    best of luckCaring for my bearded dragons, am I doing ok?
    Everything seems fine except the sand, kale and the heat mat. The sand could lead to impaction but if you still want to use it just make sure to feed them in a seperate container. Kale is a once in a while green as it can bind there calcium to where they can't digest it, you should be offering them collard, mustard or turnip greens instead of the kale. The heat mat is ok I guess as long as your temps are right but you don't really need it. As far as the protein "bugs" go you are doing great make sure to feed them as many as they will eat in 15 minutes 2-3 times a day also make sure that there dusted with calcium, once there 18 months you can go to every other day and calcium like twice a week. And the last thing would be to seperate them soon, there becoming territorial over eachother which is why the male is head bobbing and the female arm waving and you definitely don't want them mating if there from the same clutch and at there size/age either.

    What do you guys have on your XMAS LISTS?!?

    Im 16, here is mine. But I need ideas for what to add to mine, and what should I get my friends?

    *New BlackBerry (I originally wanted the iPhone, but my dad got it and it sucks. I am waiting for the more advanced models coming out next year)

    *Juicy Couture Tallulah Purse or Jill Stuart Cassiane Bag

    *Lacoste Tennis Shoes

    *Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo (for golfing over winter vaca)

    *Free City Sweats and Hoodie or Basic Black Juicy Hoodie and Sweats

    *Cashmere dress from Bop

    *Gift cards to J.Crew, Bop, Gap, Neiman Marcus...

    AND i need stuff for when i go to florida over winter vaca, so what should i ask for (for the trip)?

    AND i am shopping for a needy family from my church for xmas presents. the family has a dad, a mom, and two little girls (ages 6 and 12) what should i get them?

    THANKS!!What do you guys have on your XMAS LISTS?!?
    i WONT AN







    THATS WAT I WANT!鈥?/a>

    That is my 2007 Christmas wishlist. My birthday is in Dec, so I'm just gonna combine my Christmas and birthday presents. I don't know what to get your church, I'm Athiest so I don't know what a church would look like. I know it sounds weird that I celebrate Christmas lol.What do you guys have on your XMAS LISTS?!?
    . iphone case (Yesss I have one!)

    . Ugg slippers

    . Juicy flats

    . Lots of clothes

    . Lots of handbags
    Level 7What do you guys have on your XMAS LISTS?!?
    for both girls get some 2 or 3 jeans each and 3 or 4 shirts and 2 sweatshirts but 2 toys each
    I want an:

    - iPod classic 160GB

    -Abercrombie/hollister gift card

    money ya know, the usual.

    i suggest u ask for nothing and and give away everything and hitch hike to nebraska
    i want uggs and clothes mostly jeans hoodies sweaters tees all the basics so i can create my own style

    for the needy family

    you should get like hollister, ae, aeropostale, limited too gift cards for the girls some (hygience products too)

    basically a gift basket

    for the parents you should get them....well i am not too sure
    My x-mas wish list (you can get some ideas0

    1. A digital Camera

    2. A car

    3. A Matt %26amp; Nat bag or a stella mccartney bag

    4.And money so i can go shopping

    You should get the needy family cloths and for your vacation you should ask for money for souvenirs
    My list:

    COACH LEGACY Leather Shoulder Flap Bag - Macy's

    Badgley Mischka Platinum Label Metallic Bubble Dress - Bloomingdales

    Nanette Lepore "Baroque" Buckle Heels - Bloomingdales

    Victoria Secret gift card and Love Spell body set

    Gap (Red) Products

    and money from the 'rents.
    Money or gift cards only, I'd rather shop for myself!